Tuesday, 31 July 2012

The Song

Bruno Mars once said
'Mirror' on the wall here we are again
to my rise and fall 
you've been my only friends.

And then T-ara came and said
like a tatoo, you carve in deeper 
the more i try to forget you.
'Cry cry', can't you see that look in my eyes ?
Look at my eyes that are in sorrow.

Taylor Swift always said
Keep your 'Eyes open'
Even when you're sleeping
Keep your 'Eyes open'
You've got something they don't.
You've just gotta keep your 'Eyes open'

Like 2NE1 'Lonely'
I know that you're gonna hate me
for saying this words right now.
But I ain't got no choice
i just had to let it out.

T-ara and Supernova once said
It's 'Time to Love'
Maybe i'll see you
so i wear the clothes you bought for me.
I kept my old numbers,
maybe you'll try to find me.
In my minihompy
the song we use to listen together.

'My Immortal' just like Evanescene.
I'm so tired of being here.
Suppressed by all my childish fear.
And if you want to leave,
i wish that you just leave.

Like Avril Lavigne 'Wish you were here'
What i'd do to have you here ?
What i'd do to have you near ?
I 'Wish you were here'.


Because I'm Weary

I put to much hope
 I am hoping the things that will never be happened.

The old and age story called "dream"
knock on my heart.
The familiar scenery that's to far away
to be touched .

Among the cligny world that's walled out
i plug my ears and sing the song from my childhood.
Today, another hard day
Because I'm weary.

Once the cold wind touches the hearts
the unforgettable events cover my eyes.
I'm gasping for breath as i wipe the sweat
Because I'm weary.

Within the memory of forest
that has no stop or end.
Because I'm weary
I give up.

And this is
The End for everything.


Friday, 29 June 2012


cc firdaus halim

If Grass needs water to live on.
I need you more than the Grass does.

Sitting on a Grass hoping that I
can keep it green.
Sadly yellow will still coming
But I won't giving up
and keep believing,
Green will be the colour again


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

story of a bench

captured by elinasyazreen.

Have you ever passed an empty bench along the road ?
Have you ever sat on a bench with your BF/GF ?
Or perhaps with your Best Friend ?
Have you ever fought with anyone on a bench ?
No matter what the memories are,
no matter how long memories gone.
The bench is always there waiting for you

Even so it's raining
when it's storming
You will never see bench left it's friend,

Every time I see an empty bench I feel so sad.
It's like we both understand with each other's feeling.
When they need us they will come
when they are not they will go,